Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Trip To Urgent Care

Yesterday Josh's headache returned with a vengeance. He said it started during school at about 1:00 and it got so bad last night that he was crying and asking me over and over why God hates him so much to give him these headaches all the time and also said that it hurt so much he wished he could kill himself. Brody was freaked out by the way Josh was acting and kept telling me he didn't want Josh to die. I finally got the boys in the SUV and took Josh to Urgent Care because nothing I could do was helping him. They hooked him up to an IV and gave him Toradol, Benedryl, and Reglan which finally gave him relief after 8 straight hours of migraine pain. I was hoping the doctor could give us a prescription for something stronger than Tylenol or Ibuprofen, but he said none of the migraine medications are approved for children and we will need to probably go back and start seeing the pediatric neurologist again. Thank goodness he's feeling much better today!
On another note, the homemade orange sorbet was a bust. I personally think it's yummy, but Brody says it's "too orangey"! =P

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