Saturday, June 27, 2009

Maybe, Possibly, Hopefully???

Last week Brody had an appointment for his yearly food allergy testing. I've been very hopeful that he will eventually outgrow his egg allergy, and according to the results from this year's RAST, it looks like that may indeed be happening! In fact the allergist believes that in another year or two we may be able to do an in-office food challenge! Whoo-Hoo!!

Unfortuantely his milk score is still >100...and always has been. I personally don't believe he will ever outgrow this allergy. It's just pure poison to his little body. Such a hard one to deal with considering just walking into a grocery store means that over 75% of everything on the shelves contains some form of milk or could be cross-contaminated with milk (not to mention all of his other allergies), but for now I'm choosing to focus on the good news of possibly outgrowing egg! Can you imagine my excitement of possibly some day making a cake with eggs again?!!!!

We didn't bother re-testing tree nuts or shellfish this year, but oddly enough, Brody's peanut score dropped quite a bit. I'm in no way getting myself excited about that one because A) the number is still high, and B) only 20% of children outgrow peanut allergy by school age...and Brody is already 9. (How can he already be 9?!) If I could choose, I would much rather he outgrow milk than peanut any day! At this point though, I doubt either will happen.

I just have to keep reminding myself to focus on the positive, focus on the positive, focus on the positive...

Swine Flu Vaccine Safe for Egg Allergy

Novartis is making an H1N1 vaccine in cells that should be safe for the egg allergic according to the following article.

"...the cell-based method "eliminates the rare but vexing problem of egg allergy" that means some people can't take a flu vaccine."

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Talent Show Ninja

Watch the Ninja Boy in action! Brody participated in the school talent show today. He was a nervous wreck this morning, but cool as a cucumber by the time the show started. I volunteered to be the backstage manager, so unfortunately didn't get to actually see much of his performance until watching the video afterwards.

By the way, my darling husband did not realize that if you turn the digital camera vertical while recording video, it will show up sideways when you play it back. So if you get a kink in your neck, it's Shane's fault!! Brody on the other hand, thinks it looks like he is doing karate on a wall...kind of like Spider-Man! LOL Anyone know how to rotate a video?