Saturday, June 27, 2009

Swine Flu Vaccine Safe for Egg Allergy

Novartis is making an H1N1 vaccine in cells that should be safe for the egg allergic according to the following article.

"...the cell-based method "eliminates the rare but vexing problem of egg allergy" that means some people can't take a flu vaccine."


Food Allergy Assistant said...

I may sleep better tonight. Thanks for finding this article and please keep us posted.

I wrote a blog about this which will post on July 3. I linked back to your blog stating that I first read it here.

Thank you!

Sharon and Michael said...

found your blog.

Got two kids here with albinism :)

pediatric emr said...

Oh' thanks for sharing this link. I am well informed about swine flu. Looking forward for your next post.


wholesaleherbs said...

Seriously good information, here. Thanks for posting it.