Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Send us some good vibes, please!

Next Tuesday Brody will be undergoing an In-Office Food Challenge (IOFC) for Almonds at the UW Hospital. (For more information read "The Results Are In...", posted on June 11) He's feeling very apprehensive and anxious about the whole situation. Me too!! I keep reassuring Brody that Dr. Gern wouldn't be willing to put him through this if he thought there was any chance that Brody will fail the challenge and have an allergic reaction. I do think the chances of Brody having a panic attack during the challenge is highly probable though, which could easily look like anaphylaxis.

In any case, we could really use some good vibes, thoughts, and prayers coming our way! Stay tuned to find out how it all unfolds next week.

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