Thursday, October 2, 2008

Book Review

I just finished reading "Matters of Faith" by Kristy Kiernan. In fact I read it in 2 days because I was having a hard time putting it down! The story is about a family affected by life-threatening food allergies. This book is certainly a must read for everyone in my opinion and I hope it will help raise awareness of the issues many families deal with day to day while raising kids with food allergies.

A brief overview of the book:

At age twelve, Marshall Tobias saw his best friend killed by a train. It was then that he began his search for faith—delving into one tradition, then discarding it for another. His parents, however, have little time for spiritual contemplation. Their focus has been on his little sister Megan, who suffers from severe food allergies. Now Marshall is home from college with his first real girlfriend, but there is more to Ada than meets the eye—including her beliefs about the evils of medical intervention. What follows is a crisis that tests not only faith, but the limits of family, forgiveness, and our need to believe.

And to read an excerpt, please visit Kristy Kiernan's website:

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