Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why have you forsaken me Sara Lee?

One of my biggest pet peeves of all time is when a specific brand of food that I have grown to trust over the years to be safe for Brody suddenly reformulates their product and adds one of his allergens! Arghhhhh!!!! For many years I have been buying Sara Lee Honey Wheat bread, and considering the fact that Brody takes a sandwich in his lunch box to school every single day, we have gone through countless loaves during this time frame. Just recently Sara Lee has now started adding milk to every variety of bread they make. Why??? Why fix something that isn't broken? I'm betting that adding that small amount of milk will not change the taste what was even the point? I'm irritated for myself and all the other families with milk allergic children who will now have to try to find a new brand of bread that they trust. Thanks for nothing, Sara Lee.

If you would like to take the time to contact this company and let them know how much this change will affect your friends/family with milk allergic children, you can do so here:

Here is the message I sent:
As the mother of a severely milk allergic little boy, I am very disappointed that you have now begun adding milk to all of your breads. I have been buying Sara Lee Honey Wheat bread for many years because it was one of the only brands I felt safe with for my son, but unfortunately I am now left trying to find a new brand to trust.

On behalf of all milk allergic children and their families, I ask that you reconsider the new formula and bring back what was once safe for these children.

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Food Allergy Assistant said...

I just called Sara Lee last week because some of their bread labels listed milk and others didn't. The rep told me to "trust the label" saying they have different manufacturers and thus some breads may have milk and others don't.

Their website lists milk in the Hearty brand we used.

I'm not sure what to trust.

I switched over to Stroehmann's Dutch Country Honey Cracked Wheat which contains wheat and soy.