Friday, May 8, 2009

Ninja Boy- The Ups and Downs

Brody graduated to his red-stripe belt in karate last week! Only 3 more belts to go until he gets his black belt!!

Obviously that was the Upper, now for the Downer...We were just told a few days ago that Karate America Portage was closing it's doors for good this week. Brody and the other kids from his karate class are all brokenhearted, yet determined to keep working towards their black belts. We are looking into our options at other karate schools, but unfortunately it will mean traveling farther than Portage. Luckily Brody is busy practicing hard for the school talent show try-outs (karate form to music), so that is keeping him focused right now. Hopefully we will find a good fit for a new karate school soon!


Mrs. Laura Hyke said...

Have him (and his fellow students) come on over to Karate America DeForest - we love to help him/them reach their black belt (or beyond) goal!! Mrs. Hyke (KAD owner)

AllergyMom said...

Thanks Mrs. Hyke! Brody is looking forward to checking out your school tonight!