Thursday, June 3, 2010

Update on baked-in egg

It's been a little over a month since the baked-in egg challenge. We had a bit of a rough start though. The first item I decided to bake was a batch of Sunbutter Blonde Brownies. When I took the pan out of the oven, Brody was very excited to get a taste of this new treat! After cooling slightly (because he just couldn't wait any longer), I cut a small corner piece for him to try. He loved it! I told him we should start out slow to make sure he wouldn't have any type of reaction, so that was all he was getting for the time being. Soon after, Brody started complaining that he had a stomachache. Then it progressed to "the worst pain I've ever someone is stabbing me in the stomach with a knife". He tried to make himself vomit several times because he was sure he would feel better to get it out, but he never did. I felt so horrible for my little guy and my husband and I were both wondering if this was going to progress to an EpiPen moment. The pain lasted for about an hour and then suddenly it was gone and he felt absolutely fine again.

While this was all happening, Josh decided to dig into the brownies himself. When I went into the kitchen and looked at the pan of brownies I realized that the center had not totally baked through enough and were very gooey. So my guess is that the stomachache was most certainly due to undercooked brownies, even though the corner piece he ate seemed okay. Next time I make that recipe, I will definitely bake them in a larger pan (these were quite thick) and make sure the center is not gooey at all before he eats any of them.

The next day I decided to give cookies a try...letting them bake a tad longer than I normally would. He seemed a bit hesitant to try them at first. Can't blame him after that horrible stomachache the night before! He ate a few bites and said his stomach felt funny. It never progressed past that and the feeling went away very quickly. I think it was probably just his nerves more than anything. He has since been eating cookies containing eggs with no problems.

I have to say, his favorites by far right now have been cinnamon quick bread and homemade waffles (only 1 egg per entire batch) which he eats every morning for breakfast. It will be very interesting to see whether his RAST for raw egg is going up or down at our next allergy appointment!



Rockin Momma said...

I thought you only did food challenges in a doctors office??

AllergyMom said...

Yes, the initial baked-in egg challenge was done in the allergist's office! (there is an earlier post about that) Baked-in egg is tricky though because technically Brody is still allergic to "raw" egg, but can tolerate egg that has been baked into breads, cakes, cookies, etc., if it has been thoroughly baked through at a certain temperature for a certain amount of time as the heat breaks down the protien enough that the body doesn't recognize it the same way. It's a bit of trial and error though as to what he can tolerate and what makes his "tummy feel yucky".