Monday, May 9, 2011

EpiPen and Inhaler Carriers

Here is an updated list of EpiPen and/or inhaler carriers I have found on the web. My son's favorite EpiPen carrier at the moment is the Spibelt. He is very active and we have found that this belt not only stays in place while he is running without bouncing around much, but it is also made of extremely stretchy material and can expand to hold 2 EpiPens or an EpiPen and inhaler plus a few Benadryl FastMelts. You can also order an extra "pocket" to attach to the Spibelt to hold an inhaler, cell phone, or other items.

EpiPen Carriers


Adorn handbag and messenger bag

Allergy Haven





Epinephrine Mate


FRIO wallets (keep medications cool)

KozyEpi EpiPen and Puffer Pouches


Omaxcare Leg Buddy & Asthma Pal

Safety Sack

Peace of Mind Allergy Solutions (Custom made EpiPen carriers)

Take In Case


Concealed EpiPen (Waist Pal, Waist Buddy, Leg Buddy)


Allergy Essentials


Allergy Apparel (epipen & inhaler carriers)

Felted EpiPen Carrier/Case

Autoinjector Duo Pouch w/ badge

Epi-Access Teacher Case

Icy Diamond Totes


One Spot Allergy

Protectube (waterproof case)

Waterproof bags

Inhaler Carriers




Inhaler Wallet

Inhaler Mate

The Doser



Med-Ready Puffer Tote


Kevin said...

Thank you from SPIbelt !
So glad your son likes us...

Feel free to contact us anytime with specific questions.

We'd love to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

5sorvei99Hi there --

Your blog is very helpful. Thank you for all the information. I'm just wondering if you know of any epipen carriers which are truly insulated from the cold/heat. We want our son to carry an epipen in his backpack, but feel that it needs to be in some sort of temperature-resistant type of container.

Thank you for any ideas!

zbrook88 said...

This is great EpiPen carrier, much different form others. It is highly functional and very easy to use.

Check it out:

AllergyMom said...

Thanks for the info zbrook88. I'll check out the epi-clip and add it to my list of carriers!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the great list of carriers !!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for listing where to find epipen carriers. Finally my son is carrying the epipens. We bought the waistpal at the store and he loved it. I highly recommend this carrier.