Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why Some Egg Allergic Individuals Can Tolerate Baked-In Egg

Have you ever wondered why it is that some egg allergic people can tolerate baked-in egg while others cannot?  How can you be allergic to something in one form, but not in another?  I might not understand it, but I'm very happy that Brody happens to be one of those individuals!  He has been eating baked-in egg for about a year and a half  now and I  hope and pray that this means eventually his body will completely outgrow his egg allergy.  Apparently many people who are allergic to milk can also tolerate it if it is baked into muffins, cakes, or breads. Of course you should always speak with your child's allergist first to get his/her opinion on this topic!  Unfortunately our allergist feels that Brody's chance of passing a baked-in milk challenge is quite low since his last RAST score was still extremely high at 78.  Although he'll be 12 in just a couple short weeks, I'm not giving up hope yet! 

This article helps explain why some patients can tolerate extensively heated egg or milk...

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Anonymous said...

My fingers are crossed for him too!

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