Sunday, September 18, 2011

Recipe of the Week

I've always wanted to try grilling pizza but for some reason have been intimidated by it.  Not sure if I just assumed the crust would stick to the grill, or worse, fall through the slots.  The boys really wanted to see how it would turn out though so we went ahead and finally gave it a try.  To my surprise and delight the crust didn't stick, it didn't fall through the grill, and was by far the quickest cooking pizza I've ever made!  The crust had a nice crunch to it too!  I used refrigerated Pillsbury Pizza Crust just because I had it on hand and didn't have time to make it from scratch.  We make homemade pizza often enough and this was an easy last-minute throw-together meal.  Next step will be grilling pizza over a campfire!

Grilled (dairy-free) Pizza
Pillsbury Pizza Crust (or homemade if you prefer)
pizza sauce
Daiya vegan cheese
olive oil

Preheat the grill to medium.  Unroll pizza crust and divide the dough into how ever many sections you want.  (I cut the dough in half so each tube made 2 grilled pizzas).  Brush the crust with olive oil, then carefully lay the dough oil-side down onto the grill.  Now brush the side facing up with oil.  Watch for the crust to start to bubble (like making pancakes) and then flip the crust over with a large spatula.  Quickly spread pizza sauce, pepperoni, and cheese onto the crust and then close the lid of the grill to help the cheese melt.  Keep an eye on the crust though, because it doesn't take long at all for it to finish cooking!  Transfer your grilled pizza to a plate and enjoy the crunchy goodness!!

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