Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wendy's Warning

Just a warning to anyone who has a child with a dairy allergy and eats at Wendy's...the fast food chain has tweaked some of their recipes and will now be toasting and buttering their hamburger buns.  I'm not clear as to whether this is only for one specific burger offered or for all of their buns, but either way, I'm really disappointed with the decision.  As it is there are only a handful of restaurants I am comfortable letting Brody eat at, and now I'm no longer feeling safe about this one.  Very frustrating!

"Among the proposed changes were some golden nuggets. Tasters said they wanted a thicker burger, so Wendy's started packing the meat more loosely, trained cooks to press down on the patties two times instead of eight and printed "Handle Like Eggs" on the boxes that the patties were shipped in so they wouldn't get smashed. And Wendy's researchers knew that customers wanted warmer and crunchier buns, so they decided that buttering them and then toasting them was the way to go."


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